The Turnover Rate widget displays both the turnover rate and the number of terminations in a specified date range. Once you add the Turnover Rate widget to your Positions Dashboard, you can customize the date range and time period, allowing you to display the data most valuable to your organization.

Capturing Termination Data

Built for Teams starts to store turnover data as soon as your organization creates an account with Built for Teams. To accurately record a termination, the employee status must be changed from active to terminated. Whether changed manually by an account admin or automatically through a data import, both methods will require a termination date and termination reason (voluntary or involuntary).

Note that removing a position from the org chart or deleting a person from the People list does not record the employee as terminated. To terminate an employee, go to the employee’s profile page and use the drop-down arrow next to the employee's name to select Change Employee Status.

Adding the Turnover Rate Widget

To view your organization's turnover rate data, you must add the widget to your Position Management dashboard.

  1. Go to Positions in the main menu to view the Positions Dashboard.

  2. Click on the + Add Widget button at the top right-hand corner of the dashboard.

  3. Select the Turnover Rate Widget card to add the widget.

  4. Once added, click and drag the widget to customize its location on the dashboard.

Selecting a Date Range

Go to the top right-hand corner of the widget to select which date range you would like displayed. You can choose between three date range options: All-Time, 1 Year (displaying the Past 12 Months), or Year to Date. The line chart, total turnover rate, and the number of terminations will adjust to reflect the data from the selected date range.

Specifying a Time Period

At the top of the widget, you can also adjust your visualization to see turnover rate by month, quarter, or year. Hovering over a designated point on the line chart will display a tooltip with the turnover rate and the number of terminations for that specified period. For example, if you want to see the turnover rate for a particular month, select to view the chart by month, then hover over any month within the date range you have displayed.

Calculating Turnover Rate

Turnover rate captures the percentage of people leaving an organization within a specified time frame. The equation below explains how Built for Teams calculates turnover rate using average headcount and termination data.

Calculating Turnover Rate:

Calculating Average Headcount

The Built for Teams turnover rate calculation uses the average monthly headcount for the specified time frame. For periods longer than one month, the calculation considers the average headcount for each month within that longer time period. This method provides a more accurate headcount number for extended periods, such as quarters or years. The calculations below demonstrate how the average monthly headcount informs the average quarterly headcount.

Calculating the average headcount for a given month:

Calculating the average headcount for the first quarter:

Please reach out to our support team if you have a question or would like to see specific data added to our dashboard options.

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