Okta SSO Integration Setup:

First, create a web application through Okta Developer.

  • For the Sign-on method, choose OIDC - OpenID Connect

  • For the Application type, choose Web Application

  • Grant type: Authorization Code

  • Sign-in redirect URIs:

  • **Please contact Built for Teams to obtain your company’s Sign-in redirect URl

  • Sign-out redirect URIs (optional): https://app.builtforteams.com/

  • Base URI: https://app.builtforteams.com

After creating the application in Okta, note its Client ID and Client Secret. You will use these to configure your company integration in Built for Teams.

Next, login to Built for Teams as a user with Company Admin permissions and go to Settings > Integrations.

  1. Add a new integration for Okta by clicking on Okta SSO.

  2. Fill in the details as follows:

• OKTA_CLIENT_ID and OKTA_CLIENT_SECRET - these values are found on the General tab of your Okta web application.

• OKTA_DOMAIN - This can also be found on the Sign On tab of your Okta web application. You should also be able to use the URL of a custom authorization server.

Lastly, be sure that each person who will be using the Okta SSO has been assigned the Built for Teams app within your Okta account.

Once the setup steps above have been completed, you can then proceed with the instructions below.

If your employees have NOT previously created a username and password within the Built for Teams app, follow these steps:

  1. As a Built for Teams user with Company Admin permissions, login to Built for Teams and click on the People tab located in the left hand menu. From the People page, you can now send email invitations to those you would like to grant access to. Additional instructions on how to send email invitations from Built for Teams can be found here.

  2. Once the invitations have been sent via email from Built for Teams, please have your employees follow these instructions:

Employee Instructions:

  • In your email you will see an invitation from Built for Teams. Please open that email and click on the link inside that will take you to a login screen.

  • From the login screen, be sure to click on the Okta button BELOW the username/password fields. (**Please do NOT create a username and password in the Built for Teams fields provided.)

  • Once you click the Okta button, you can now enter your Okta credentials to gain access to your Built for Teams profile. Additionally, with this step completed, you can now access your Built for Teams profile directly from within your Okta application.

If your employees have already created a username and password within the Built for Teams app, please have your employees follow these instructions:

  1. Login to Built for Teams.

  2. Click on the avatar in the upper right hand corner and click on your name.

  3. Under the SSO Login section on the right hand side of that page, click on the Okta button and enter Okta credentials.

  4. Your Okta SSO has now been enabled.

You can use the link below to go directly to the Built for Teams login page and click the Okta sign in button to sign in with your Okta credentials. Additionally, from within your Okta account, you can simply click on your Built for Teams app button and sign in directly.

Built for Teams Login Page: https://app.builtforteams.com/

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