Built for Teams takes org charts to the next level with real-time updates from ADP Workforce Now®. Our intelligent Auto Sync feature automatically pulls data from ADP Workforce Now and updates your org chart in real time. Whether you are an existing Built for Teams customer or looking for an integrated solution, you can now turn your org chart into an interactive, visual portal for your workforce planning data. Now available in the ADP Marketplace, Built for Teams provides ADP customers a streamlined org chart solution.

Already Using Built for Teams and ADP?

If you already have a Built for Teams account and want to connect your ADP data, you will use the Built for Teams Connector for ADP Workforce Now. This connector will keep your org chart updated automatically, with over 25 data fields synced in real time. This connector is only available for ADP Workforce Now accounts.

Click the link below to learn more and start connecting your data.

New to Built for Teams?

Automatically sync your data from ADP Workforce Now to:

  • Turn your org chart into an interactive, visual portal for your workforce data.

  • Use true position management/control to plan, budget, and track funding for positions.

  • Create and share what-if scenarios & succession plans.

  • View teams and lists of people with specific skills and certifications.

Interested in learning how Built for Teams can import your ADP Workforce Now data and automate your org chart? Schedule a brief call with our team to see a brief demonstration of our org planning, position management, and other features.

Please reach out to our support team if you have any additional questions.

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