Built for Teams is improving your access to tools for visualizing your organization. This article will review options available for customizing your org chart.

You will find all visualization options in the panels on the left side of your org chart. Clicking on each icon will expand a panel displaying customization tools.

Color Coding Panel

Utilize the paint bucket icon to color code your org chart by filters including location, department, schedule, and more. In this panel, you will choose between the Card or Edge tab. These tabs allow you to color the entire employee card or select to highlight the left edge of a card with a specific color. You can even use these options simultaneously. Colors can be customized by clicking on the colored swatch to the left of any value.

Departments Panel

Adding Departments

The departments panel is where you can create and manage your departments, as well as choose to view a department chart. To create a new department, click the blue plus button. Provide a name for your new department and type the name of the person who is the head of the department. If the department head position is currently vacant, type the name of the position instead (e.g. VP of Sales).

Showing Department Colors

Once you have created departments, you can colorize department boundaries by selecting the box to show department colors. This helps you easily see where one department ends and another begins. If you want to adjust the display color for a specific department use the three-dot menu to the right of each department name and select edit department. Within this edit menu, click on the colored swatch to select a new color.

Viewing a Specific Department

Click the name of a department to view only that department. This is a great way to focus in on one department instead of having your full chart visible. Click the department name again to return to the full organization chart (you can also click the three-dot menu and choose Stop Viewing Department).

Data Options Panel

Show or Hide Data Fields

When you want to add additional details to the employee card, click on the data options gear icon. You can select which data fields you would like to add to the employee card on the org chart and click Apply. The org chart will update to show those data fields, including labels.

Changing the Display Order of the Data Fields

To customize the order that the data fields appear on the employee card, use the drag and drop functionality to reorder the list of fields within the options panel. Click the Apply button to save your changes.

Display Options Panel

Within this panel, you can choose from various options that affect the overall display of the chart. There are three primary ways to display your organization:

Classic Tree

The Classic Tree view will allow you to view the full chart in a traditional top-down hierarchy. This view displays the entire chart, so if your organization is large, the chart may take some time to load.

Chain of Command

The Chain of Command view is great for larger organizations. At any time there are three main levels of your organization that are in view: the focus person, their direct reports, and one more level below them. You can click on any person to bring them into the focus position. As you navigate down into your organization, this view will also preserve a "chain of command" showing you how the focus person reports upwards to the top of your chart. You can click on the collapsed chain of command boxes at the top to navigate upwards to any level.

Spreadsheet View

When viewing your chart as a spreadsheet, the spreadsheet will include any data filters you have selected in the Data Options panel.

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