Importing your employee data via a CSV file can be a simple and painless process, as long as the data file is valid. If the file has any issues, though, it can be a bit tricky to diagnose and fix those issues. This article provides some troubleshooting advice, but keep in mind that you can always reach out to our support team for assistance. We've seen enough data files from enough customers that we've gotten pretty good at finding the issues!

Here is a list of common problems to look for:

  • Double check that your file has a .csv file extension in the name. For example: myfile.csv

  • Make sure your file uses commas as a delimiter. Some programs will save CSV files with tabs or other characters as the delimiter. Our system requires commas, though. How do you check? Open the file in a text editor (like Notepad, TextEdit, etc.) and verify that the data has comma separators like this: name, title, work_email.

  • Make sure your file has a header row. That means the first line of text should be the headings that indicate what each column of data represents. If you see employee data on the first row, your file is missing the header row. Our system needs the header row so that you can correctly map/associate your data to our fields. Without the header row, our system doesn't know if John is a first name, a last name, or some other value.

  • Look for any values that have commas in them but aren't double-quoted. For example, if someone's title is Director of Sales, Support that's going to cause problems unless there are double quotes around that value like this: "Director of Sales, Support". Those double quotes tell our system that the comma is part of the title, not a separator. If your file is missing the quotation marks, you'll have to solve that through whatever system is creating your file.

  • If you get an error during the import process that tells you you're missing the "Reports To" column, that means you're trying to import data that requires a position. For example, you can't import a person's job title if you don't also import the person's manager so that the system can place that person on the org chart in their proper role/position. The same is true for other data fields that belong to the position rather than the person, such as location, job description, etc.

  • Ensure that your file doesn't have additional empty rows. Sometimes when you use a program like Excel to edit or generate your CSV file, there are empty rows that get exported into the CSV file. You can easily see those empty rows by opening the CSV file in a text editor and looking for rows that contain only commas, like this: ,,,,,,,. If you find any of those rows, delete them.

If you still can't find and fix the issue, just reach out to our support team, and we'll have you send us your file so that we can help troubleshoot the problem!

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