Built for Teams can help automate your organization's unique carryover policies.

Adjusting Carryover Settings

  1. To adjust carryover settings go to Settings > Paid Time Off and select the policy where you would like to customize carryover.

  2. Select yes, that the policy allows unused time to be carried over to the next year. Here you can designate a specific number of hours that can be carried over to the next year. If your organization allows carryover by a percentage of the year end balance use the dropdown menu to select a percent.

  3. Choose which account you want carryover hours to be moved into. You can select the same policy you are working in or for the hours to be moved to a different policy. *The policy must already be created before it will show up in this list.

  4. Select Add Step if your organization has a multi-step process for dealing with carryover.

Requiring that Carryover Hours are Used by a Specific Future Date

If you require that employees use carryover time by a specific date in the future you can create a new custom policy to move those hours into.

(Example Scenario: Hours will expire at the end of Q1 of the upcoming year.)

  1. Create a new policy by clicking Add PTO Policy.

  2. Customize your policies by a specific name and give instructions for employees (ex. "Vacation Carryover Q1").

  3. Set the account balance reset date to the date the hours will expire. If your expiration date is by the end of Q1, you will set a custom date to April 1st, allowing employees to use any hours in this policy within Q1.

  4. Remember to assign the carryover policy to all employees that have the potential of carryover hours being moved to this policy.

For any carryover questions please reach out to our team so that we can help you automate your process.

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