With planning being vital to the longevity of a company, Built for Teams allows you to succession plan directly from your org chart.

View a Succession Plan

If a succession plan has already been set for a position you can view the plan by following these steps:

  1. Go to the position on the org chart.

  2. Click on the 3-dot icon that appears when you hover over the card/position.

  3. Select View Succession Plan.

  4. A side panel will open displaying the succession plan for this position. If any candidates have already been added to the plan, you will see them here.

Add a Candidate

  1. Use the Add a Candidate button to add a person to this plan.

  2. Select whether this candidate is in the organization or this candidate is outside the organization.

  3. If a candidate is in the organization, use the space provided to type their name, and Built for Teams will locate their profile.

  4. If the candidate is outside the organization, use the fields provided to record their name and additional information for the candidate.

  5. Save the candidate to add them to the plan.

Set Readiness, Performance, and Flight Risk Levels

  1. For each candidate, you can add their readiness, performance, and flight risk level by clicking on the box below each of these labels.

  2. Changes made to these values are saved automatically.

Create, Delete, and Hide Comments

  1. Start typing any notes or comments into the Comments box at the bottom of the panel.

  2. Select Add Comment and the comment will be saved on the succession plan panel for that position. The author, date, and time will be recorded along with the note.

  3. Delete comments that you've added by hovering over the comment you would like to delete to see a trash icon appear. Clicking the trash icon will immediately delete the comment.

  4. To Hide comments, turn the toggle for Privacy View to on. This toggle is located above the Candidates' list on the right. This can be useful if you need to show the succession plan to someone during a meeting but don't want them to see readiness, performance, or flight risk.

Reorder Candidates in the Plan

  1. Once you add more than one candidate, you can reorder candidates.

  2. Hover over the number to the left of the candidate's photo.

  3. Once your mouse pointer becomes the move icon you will be able to click, drag, and drop the candidate into a different order.

  4. Changes to the order of candidates are saved automatically.

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