Built for Teams allows you to create additional charts to visualize changes to your organization such as a potential restructuring. Creating additional charts provides a canvas to make changes to your organizational structure that will not affect your official org chart.

Additional charts can also be used for situations like board meetings, client presentations, or other situations where you need to create a chart that is different from your official org chart.

Create an Additional Chart

  1. Go to your Org Chart page.

  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the chart name at the top of the page.

  3. Select Charts and then click the + icon to add a new chart.

  4. Select whether you would like to duplicate your existing chart or start from scratch and click Next.

Option 1: Duplicate an Existing Chart

  1. Under Source Chart you will see any existing charts that are available to duplicate.

  2. Select whether you would like to copy the whole chart or just a portion of the source chart.

  3. If you select to duplicate a portion of the chart you will need to specify the person or position you would like to start the chart with. The position or person you select and all other positions below this person or position will be copied to the new chart. For example, you can search by "VP of Operations" or you can type the name of the person who is assigned to that position.

  4. Add a new chart name and an optional description to help identify the chart's purpose.

  5. Click Create Chart.

Now that a copied portion of the chart has been created, you can make any changes in this duplicate version such as moving positions around, deleting positions, or even adding open positions all while having zero impact on your official chart.

Option 2: Build Chart from Scratch

  1. Add a new chart name for the blank chart and an optional description to help identify the chart's purpose.

  2. Click Create Chart.

  3. Add new positions and people to your new chart as desired.

The new chart you create will have zero impact on your official chart.

View and Manage your Charts

  1. View or manage a chart by going to the Org Chart, then clicking the drop-down arrow next to your official chart's name at the top of the page (the same location where you created an additional chart).

  2. By clicking Charts you will see a list of any additional charts that have been created.

  3. Select a specific chart to view or edit that chart.

Adjust Visibility and Permissions

Charts are a great way to visualize your organizational structure. However, sometimes you may need a specific chart to remain accessible to only select individuals. For this reason, you can decide whether or not a chart is visible to the entire company or only available to select people/collaborators. Here's how to set the visibility of a chart:

  1. Load the desired org chart.

  2. Click on the visibility (eye) icon found in the upper right of the page.

  3. Decide who this chart will be visible to, by selecting Collaborators Only or All Employees.

  4. If you select Collaborators Only, add employees that you would like to allow the ability to edit this chart.

  5. The Link Sharing provides a way to share the chart with people outside of your organization. The chart will be read-only for those you share the link with.

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