After you have added your new hire to your account by following the steps in this article it is important that you consider a few additional steps to ensure proper setup prior to inviting them to use Built for Teams.

Hire Date
Adding a hire date allows the system to calculate tenure, remind you of work anniversaries, and automate accrual increases when needed. To enter the hire date, go to the employee’s profile page and click on the Job tab. In the Employment Details section, click Edit and enter the date of hire.

Email Address
In order to login to Built for Teams, your new hire’s email address must be provided. You can enter an email address on the Job tab of the profile page under the Work Contact Info section. Click Edit and enter the appropriate email address. 

To ensure an employee’s time off requests are sent to the appropriate person, you will need to assign that employee a manager. To do this go to the employee’s profile page and navigate to their Job tab. From here, you can click Edit on the Position Info section and select whom this employee reports to. This will properly route their time off requests as well as add them to the org chart.

Assigning the correct schedule to employees allows the system to correctly calculate the amount of time that should be deducted when an employee takes time off. If you are using the Built for Teams Timesheet feature this will also determine any under/over for hours worked. To change the employee’s schedule, go to the employee profile, click the Job tab, and then click Edit in the Employment Details section. You can learn more about creating schedules in this support article.

Assign Time Off Policies
In order for employees to have access to request time off, you must first assign the appropriate policies to them. From the employee profile page, click on the Paid Time Off tab and then click Add PTO Policy. You can then check the boxes of the policies you would like to assign to this employee. Note that you can also auto assign policies to every new hire by going to Settings > Paid Time Off > Edit Settings.

Setting Account Balances
Once you’ve assigned the correct policies to the employee, you’ll need to set the starting balance for each account. On the employee’s Paid Time Off tab, click the Set Current Balance button within each account to do this. 

Customizing the Accrual Rate (optional)
If the employee doesn’t earn the default amount specified in the PTO policy, you can override that by setting a custom accrual amount. Click the arrow next to the policy name and choose Edit Accrual Rate to do this.

Invitation to Login
Once you have completed the steps outlined above as necessary, you can invite your employee to login. To do this, simply click the arrow next to their name on their profile page and select Send Invitation.

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