If you're looking for a way to keep one or more people in the loop about everything happening with time off, our automatic Carbon Copy feature is here to help! Here are a few ways some of our customers have been using this feature:

  • Create an email folder to automatically archive copies of all time off requests and approvals for future compliance or audit purposes.

  • Allow a bookkeeper or payroll person to keep tabs on usage without having to login to Built for Teams.

  • Allow a project manager or scheduler to monitor time off usage easily via email.

  • Provide some oversight to managers who might be approving time off when they shouldn't or in too generous a fashion.

The Carbon Copy feature will automatically send email notifications to anyone you add to a list, including all PTO requests, approvals, comments, etc. It's easy to set up and can be changed at any time by following these instructions:

  1. As an administrator, go to Settings > Paid Time Off.

  2. Click the Edit Settings button.

  3. In the Carbon Copy All Notification Emails To field, type the name of a person and hit the enter key or click the + icon.

  4. Add as many additional recipients as desired, and then save your changes. 

If you have any questions about this feature just let us know!

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