Assistant positions on org charts are traditionally represented off to the side of an executive, rather than directly below with other direct reports. This article explains how to create an assistant position in Built for Teams.

  1. From your org chart, begin creating a new position by either clicking the Add Position button or choosing a person on the chart and clicking the Add New Position Below link from their card's menu.

  2. In the Add Position form, fill out the fields as you normally would to add a position.

  3. On the right side of the Reports To field, click the position type icon.

  4. Choose Assistant to add this new person to the side of the manager. If you choose Direct Report the new position will be added directly below the manager like usual.

  5. Save your changes.

Note the following about assistant positions:

  • Assistant positions cannot currently be created via drag-and-drop. You must follow the steps above to create an assistant position.

  • Multiple assistants can be added to one person. The first assistant will be added on the right side. The second on the left. And then each additional assistant will be added in this same sequence.

  • Assistants are only displayed to the side for the top person on the chart so that the chart is still reasonably compact.

  • Span of control numbers do include assistants.

  • Assistant positions can be indicated during the CSV import process by adding a column called Is Assistant and entering a 1 value for any person who should be considered an assistant.

  • Assistant positions cannot have direct reports.  

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