If your organization chooses to have PTO requests sent to direct managers for approval, there may be situations in which a request cannot actually be sent to a person's direct manager. For example, if their manager is no longer with the company and the position has not yet been filled, the request will then be sent to the next person up the chain of command until the direct manager position is filled. This is one reason the PTO request might be re-routed.

Another scenario that might lead to a request being automatically re-routed is if the direct manager is not yet an active user in Built for Teams, meaning they have not logged in to Built for Teams yet. If the manager is not yet an active user, there is no way for the system to send that person an approval request. Therefore, the request would sit unanswered until the manager has logged in and activated their user account. In this scenario, the request would again be routed to the next person up the chain of command who is an active user. 

Please note that if the system is unable to find an active user up the chain of command, the request will be routed to an administrator to handle accordingly. These parameters have been put in place to ensure that requests don’t go unanswered or sit for an unknown amount of time due to a lack of login or a vacant position in the organization.   

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