Sometimes changes to an employee's status require moving that employee from one PTO policy to another. An example might a part-time employee who becomes a full-time employee. Follow the steps below to change a person from one policy to another.

  1. Go to the employee's profile and click on the Paid Time Off tab.

  2. Hide the current policy so that the employee no longer sees it, but so that you can still retain a full history of everything that happened under that policy.

  3. Click the Add PTO Policy button to add the new policy to the employee's profile.

  4. Click the Set Current Balance button on the new policy, and enter the amount that the old policy shows as Current balance. In this way, you're transferring whatever amount they had left on the old policy to the new policy.

In some cases, you may need to do some calculations to pro-rate or otherwise adjust the person's new balance so that it's accurate depending on your company's policy rules. If you need help working through those calculations just let us know!

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