Many companies employ both salaried and hourly employees, but only the hourly employees need to fill out a timesheet. Built for Teams is flexible enough to support this requirement. These instructions help you configure your account so that only certain employees need to fill out timesheets:

  1. As an administrator, navigate to Settings > Profiles.

  2. Make sure you have the correct/desired employee types configured. Add any additional or custom employee types if needed. For example, if you have full time employees who are hourly and full time employees who are salaried, you could create two new employee types called 'Hourly' and 'Salaried'.

  3. Also on the Settings > Profiles page, find Timesheets under Profile Tabs. Click on the Timesheets link to open a new window to choose which employee types should have access to this feature. 

  4. Save your changes. 

  5. Make sure each employee has been assigned to the correct employee type.

With these settings in place, the Timesheets tab will only be displayed to those employees of the type(s) you've selected. These employees are also the only ones who will receive the weekly timesheet reminder email too, if you've enabled that feature.

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