Built for Teams follows a typical organizational chart approach where each person reports to a manager, and so on up the chain to the top. In the vast majority of cases, a person is only head of one department. But what if a person needs to be in charge of two departments? This can be accomplished by using our dotted line relationship feature. Essentially, the person will appear twice on the org chart, as the head of each department.  

Follow the steps in this article to create a dotted line relationship for the person, which puts them on the org chart twice. It might be helpful to give the person a unique title on each position so that they are more easily distinguishable in lists, etc.

Then, go to Settings > Departments and create both of the desired departments. When you type to enter the department head's name, you'll see the desired person twice in the list because that person technically fills two positions on the org chart. Assuming you used different titles in the previous step as recommended, you can choose instance one of the person for the first department, and instance two of the person for the second department. 

You now have the same person represented as head of two different departments!

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