Before you import your employees' work hours, make sure you have completed the following: 

  1. An Accrued by Hours Worked policy has been created.

  2. This policy has been assigned to the correct employees.

  3. Any starting balances have been set.

Then, follow these steps to import a file containing your employees' work hours: 

  1. Go to Settings > Paid Time Off and locate the policy for which you are wanting to import hours worked. Use the drop-down arrow to the left of the policy name to select the option Import Hours Worked.

  2. Read the instructions listed on the Import Hours Worked Page which explain how to format your CSV file. Ensure that your CSV file has the following required columns, creating a separate row for each employee.
    Name (the employee’s full name)
    Work Email (or Employee ID also works as a unique identifier)
    Hours Worked (the number of hours each person worked)

  3. Upload your CSV file.

  4. Review accrual amounts before they are processed. You can edit the actual amount each person will receive, if needed. Or, you can use the button at the bottom of the page to upload a new file if you prefer to make corrections in your CSV file.

  5. Add an optional note. If you would like to add a note that will be included on every accrual transaction then you must complete the note section prior to applying accruals.

  6. Click the Apply Accruals when you're ready to run the accruals.

  7. Once you apply accruals you'll receive a confirmation page stating that your accruals have been processed. Accrued hours from this upload will automatically be added to the individual accounts for each employee included. You may also view the PTO Balance Report to see updated account balances for each person. 

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