To ensure that time-clock data is accurate and reliable, employees cannot edit their own time-clock entries. In theory these entries shouldn't need to be edited! But the reality is that sometimes employees will make legitimate time-clock mistakes that do need to be remedied.

For example, an employee might forget to clock in at the beginning of a shift, or forget to clock out at the end of a shift or on a break. When this happens, an administrator can follow these steps to correct the mistake:

  1. As an administrator, go to the employee's profile and click the Timesheets tab.

  2. Click on the hyperlinked Hours Worked amount for the given day.

  3. In the window that opens, edit the start/end time of the entry that needs fixed; delete an entry if it needs to be removed; or add a new row if a new time entry needs to be manually added.

  4. Save your changes and all totals will be updated accordingly.

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