The timesheets feature within Built for Teams can be configured to work according to your organization's needs. Each of the available settings is explained below:

Start Date

Built for Teams will help you keep track of any timesheets that should have been submitted but haven't. In order to do this for you the system needs to know the date as of which you want Built for Teams to track timesheet submissions. 

Starting from the date you enter in this field, Built for Teams will keep track of whether or not each employee has submitted their timesheet as expected. Any timesheets that have not been submitted by employees after this date will be considered "missing" by the system. For employees whose hire date is later than the start date, the system will only consider their timesheets missing after their hire date. 

Approver Type

This setting allows you to determine whether timesheets are approved by the account administrators or by the person's direct manager. 

Entry Method

The system supports manual or time-clock timesheet data entry. These two options are explained in more detail in this article

Allow Employees to Edit Time Clock Entries

This question only applies to the Clock In/Out entry method.

By default employees cannot edit their own time clock entries. This prevents an employee from modifying their clock-in/out to make it look as though they showed up and left work on time. Most companies will prefer to leave this setting set to No.

If you do allow your employees to edit their time clock entries you may change this setting to Yes. Note that this means an employee can simply type in whatever start/end time they want whether or not they actually clocked in/out at those times. 

An admin can always edit time clock entries for all employees.

Autofill Timesheet with Scheduled Hours

This question only applies to Manual entry method.

If your employees' work hours don't vary much, you can save your employees time by choosing to have the system pre-populate the Hours Worked field on their timesheets. 

The system will use each employee's assigned schedule to accurately populate the timesheet. The employee can then review the timesheet each week, make any necessary adjustments, and submit it for approval.

Note that this setting is only applicable to manual timesheet entry. This setting will disappear if you choose to use the clock in/out method.

Show Over/Under to Employees

Because each person in Built for Teams has an assigned work schedule, the system can compare a person's hours on their timesheet with those of their schedule. With this comparison complete, the system can display any over/under for each day and for the week as a whole.

With this setting, you can choose whether or not you want employees to be able to see this over/under calculation on their timesheet. 

Send Weekly Reminder

Use this setting to schedule a weekly timesheet reminder to all employees who have the timesheet feature/tab enabled. You can choose the weekday and the time at which you want the reminder email sent.  

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