Note: This is a BETA feature that must be enabled by our support team.

Our Slack integration supports a growing list of features allowing you to access information and perform actions relating to your Built for Teams account, all from within the Slack command line.

Before you can use the /built slash command within Slack, an administrator must first authorize the Built for Teams app within Slack. Once the app is authorized, you can connect your personal Slack account to connect to your personal Built for Teams account by typing /built and clicking the provided link.

Once the app is authorized and your personal Built for Teams account is connected to your Slack account, you can use the following list of supported Slack commands:

Supported Commands

Clock In/Out

Type /built help time  to learn how to clock in, clock out, or check the status of your personal time clock. Note that this command requires the Timesheets feature within Built for Teams.

View a List of Your PTO Accounts

Type /built help accounts to learn how to view a list of PTO accounts available to you.

View Your Account Balances

Type /built help balance to learn how to view a list of each PTO account and its current balance.

You can optionally add the name of a specific account to see more granular balance details for that account, like this: /built balance vacation.

Submit a PTO Request

Type /built help request to learn how to submit a PTO request from within Slack. There are a number of options available to help you define your request. Examples are provided in the help instructions.

When you submit a PTO request via Slack, you'll be asked to confirm your request. After you confirm, an email will be sent to the appropriate person(s) just as if you'd submitted the request via the Built for Teams web application. At this time, Built for Teams does not yet provide any notifications via Slack but that feature will be coming soon.

View a Coworker's Status

Type /built help status to learn how to check a particular person's schedule.

Submit Feedback to Built for Teams

Type /built help feedback to learn how to submit feedback or suggestions to the Built for Teams support team.

Coming Soon

There are a lot of great things in the works to make our Slack integration even better! Here are a few:

  1. PTO notifications via Slack

  2. PTO approvals via Slack

  3. More comprehensive status command

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