Note: This is a BETA feature.

If your company uses Slack for messaging, you can connect your Slack account to Built for Teams to allow employees to access their PTO accounts, submit PTO requests, and more.

Connect Built for Teams and Slack

  1. Reach out to to have the Slack integration feature enabled on your account.

  2. To connect Built for Teams and Slack, you must be an administrator within Built for Teams and have permissions within your company Slack account to add apps.

  3. In your Built for Teams account go to Settings > Integrations.

  4. Click the Slack hyperlink.

  5. Click the Connect button.

  6. Complete the authorization step. For the notifications channel, choose a channel where general company announcements would be appropriate.

  7. Within your personal Slack account, type /built to verify that Slack is now connected to Built for Teams.

Employee Setup

Now that Built for Teams is an authorized Slack app, each employee can connect their personal Slack account to their personal Built for Teams account. To do this, instruct employees to type /built within Slack. A link will be provided that, when clicked, allows the employee to authorize Slack to use the Built for Teams app.

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