iCal is an industry-standard format for sharing calendar data between applications. Built for Teams uses iCal to allow you to share calendar information to an external calendar like Outlook or Google Calendar.

An iCal feed is a URL that represents a certain set of calendar events, customizable by you. For example, you can create an iCal feed that includes all PTO events and employee anniversaries within your sales department. Another iCal feed could contain the same type of information for a different department.

This article explains how to create and manage your iCal feeds.

  1. Give the iCal feed a descriptive name that will make it easy to remember what type of events this feed includes.
  2. As an administrator, go to Settings > iCal Feeds.
  3. Click the "Add iCal Feed" button.
  4. Select all of the calendar event types you wish to include in the iCal feed.
  5. If your organization has multiple departments, locations, and/or schedules, a filter option will be displayed. Choose from the filter options to further customize your iCal feed.
  6. Save your changes.

Create as many iCal feeds as necessary. Each iCal feed you create will be added to the list of available feeds shown in the Calendar > Share view.

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