When you add a new employee and invite them to login, the system will walk them through the onboarding process which consists of these steps:

1. Fill out required data fields (such as name, address, etc.). You can configure which fields are required by going to Settings > Required Fields.

2. Complete required documents (such as W-4, I-9, etc.). You can configure which documents are required by going to Settings > Documents. To make a required document show up in the onboarding process, you'll also want to check the onboarding box. You can read more about this process in this article.

Also, documents can be turned into fillable forms if you want employees to be able to complete them online instead of printing them out and uploading them. In addition to saving time and paper, the system will prefill each document with the data it has, saving your employee from typing their name into every form over and over! Learn how to turn a document into a fillable form (including online signatures) in this article.

3. Add any dependents

4. Choose from any defined benefit plans (such as health, dental, etc.)

Note: For steps 3 and 4, those will only be shown if you've defined benefit plans under Settings > Benefits. If you haven't defined any benefit plans, the system assumes you aren't tracking benefits and therefore won't show those steps.

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