Save time and paper by letting your employees complete documents online, in the browser. No more printing, scanning, and uploading documents. Built for Teams lets you take an ordinary PDF file and add fields to it so that your employees can your employees can complete it online.

Follow these steps to make a PDF document fillable:

  1. Go to Settings > Documents (you must be a Company Admin or an HR Admin).

  2. Upload a document. Note that the document must be a PDF file.

  3. Click the gray arrow next to the newly-added document.

  4. Click the "Edit Form" link.

  5. When the PDF is displayed, click on a field type (checkbox, signature, date picker, or textbox) from the top of the screen.

  6. Click on the PDF to place the field in the location you'd like it to show up.

  7. Based on the field type you chose, you may be asked if you want to "autofill" this field with a value from the database. As an example, if you place a field onto the PDF and want the field to contain the employee's first name, you'll choose "First Name" to autofill this field. When any employee attempts to fill out this document the system will automatically place their first name into the field if it is already known. This saves the employee time by having documents partially completed for them.

  8. Change the field type at the top of the screen each time you need to add a different field type. For example, click "Signature" to place a signature field that will allow the employee to digitally sign the document, then click "Checkbox" if you need to place a checkbox on the form.

  9. Once you've placed all fields onto the form, click the "Save and Close" button.

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