When you upload a document you can optionally set the document as "required" by your employees. This feature helps you make sure each employee has the proper paperwork completed. From a legal/HR standpoint, knowing that you have all employee paperwork completed is critical. Built for Teams makes this process painless and saves you from having to dig through filing cabinets to find/verify employee files.

To make a document required, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings and click on the Documents tab in the left column.

  2. Click the "Add Document" button.

  3. Give your document a title.

  4. Click the "Upload File" link and choose the PDF file you'd like to upload.

  5. Indicate whether the document is required or not.

  6. If the document is required, indicate whether it is required for everyone or only for certain positions within your organization.

  7. If the document is required, indicate whether it is required once or on a recurring basis. Most documents are typically only required once, but certain types of documents may need to be completed annually or more often. In some companies, for example, employees must agree to the company handbook policies every year.

  8. If the document is required, you'll also need to indicate when the document is required.

  9. Finally, if you want this document to be included in the list of required documents during the onboarding process, check the "Include in onboarding" checkbox.

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