There are several ways to share your org chart with other people:

  1. Anyone within your organization's account can be invited to create their own password to login. If you want to securely share an interactive version of your org chart, this is the best option. Note that unless you first grant them administrative permissions, invited users will only be able to view the org chart. Only Company Admins, HR Admins, and HR Managers can make changes to the org chart. From any person's profile page, select the arrow to the right of their name and click the "Send Invitation" button to invite them to login.

  2. You can also make your org chart accessible to people who do not have a login for your company account. This is useful if you want to allow partners, vendors, board members, executives, or even employees to access your org chart without authenticating first. Anyone who has the org chart link will be able to view and interact with a read-only version of your org chart, but will be unable to make any changes. Click the "Share" button on the org chart toolbar to enable this option. You can also add a list of IP addresses to which you want to restrict access, as an additional measure of security.

  3. Sending a PDF of your org chart is helpful when you want to share a static, printable version of your org chart. When you click the "Share" button on the org chart toolbar you'll find an option to provide an email address of the person to whom you want to send the PDF.

  4. You can also send the org chart in a simple image format known as PNG, which is great for adding to Powerpoint presentations or other documents where you’d like to include an image of your org chart.

  5. Finally, you can choose to email the org chart in an SVG format, which may be desirable if you have a designer who needs to work with your org chart in a vector graphics format.

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