As you invite employees to login to Built for Teams for the first time, it's helpful to be able to know the invitation status for any given employee. Has the employee been invited yet? Have they accepted the invitation? What email address was the invitation sent to? All of these questions can be answered by following the instructions below.

Checking the Invitation Status for One Employee

  1. Go to the employee's profile page.

  2. Click the menu arrow next to the employee's name.

  3. If the employee has not yet been invited, click the Send Invitation menu option to invite the employee.

  4. If the employee has already been invited, but has not yet accepted the invitation, the menu option will be called Resend Invitation. Choose this menu option to view the date and time the most recent invitation was sent and to optionally send another invitation.

  5. If the employee has accepted the invitation, the menu option will be called Invitation Status and will show the email address with which the employee accepted the invitation. This email address is now the employee's login email address.

Checking the Invitation Status for Multiple Employees

  1. Click on Reports in the main navigation.

  2. Choose the User Login report.

  3. Check the Invitation Status column and the Last Login column to determine whether an employee has been invited, accepted the invitation, or when they last accessed the system.

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