For organizations with more than one office, Built for Teams allows you to create as many different locations as necessary in order to accurately organize your employees. Each location requires a timezone to be set so that employees assigned to that location can accurately view all data associated with time, such as PTO requests.

To Add or Edit Locations

  1. As an administrator, go to Settings > Locations.

  2. Click the Add Location button to add a new location, or click the name of an existing location to edit.

  3. Both "Location Name" and "Timezone" are required fields.

  4. Timezones can be set by typing the name of the timezone ("Eastern" for example) and selecting it from the list of matching suggestions.

  5. If this location should be the default location, check the box at the bottom of the form.

  6. Save your changes.

About Default Locations

Every employee needs to be assigned to a location so that the system knows the employee's timezone. To save you from having to explicitly set the location for all employees, especially when most employees are in one location, the system requires one of your locations to be set as the default.

When you add a new employee to your account, they will automatically be assigned to the default location. You can then assign a different location if desired.

You can quickly change which location is the default by clicking the arrow next to the location name, and from the menu of options choosing the "Make Default" link.

Assigning and Changing Employee Locations

Employees can be assigned to a specific location in one of two ways:

Option 1: On the Settings > Locations page, click the arrow next to the location name, and from the menu of options choose the "Assign Location" link. On this screen you can then select which employees belong to this location.

Option 2: On an individual employee's profile page, click the Job tab and then click the "edit" link on the Position Info box. In the form displayed, choose the new location and save your changes.

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