Providing world-class customer support is a top priority for us. When a support need arises, customers occasionally ask what number they should call to receive support. At this time our primary method of providing customer support is through a standard support email address that feeds into our support ticket system.

Using a single support email address provides several benefits:

  1. Customer support requests don't end up stuck in one team member's inbox. This is especially important when a team member is out of the office.

  2. Multiple members of the team can monitor and respond to support requests, ensuring that the best answer is always provided.

  3. Team members can more easily respond to support requests regardless of location and current task load.

  4. When future needs arise, customers can refer back to written instructions provided in previous support responses.

  5. Our team has better visibility into the types of problems and questions customers have so that we can improve our system and/or write articles to address common needs.

Offering an inbound support number implies that we have a call center with agents sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. Adding a call center would either require that we charge for support or increase our product price, neither of which we want to do. We may in the future reach a point where it is feasible to offer an inbound support number without increasing our price or charging additional fees. Until that point we suggest to all customers that support requests are initiated through our email system.

We recognize that some support situations do require a phone discussion and/or a screen share to resolve. In those cases our support team members will happily set up a conference line with screen sharing capabilities so that we can most efficiently provide the necessary support.

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