Terminating a person's employment archives their employee record. None of their information is deleted. You are not charged for terminated employees.

Follow these steps to terminate a person's employment within Built for Teams:

  1. Navigate to the person's profile.

  2. Click the arrow next to the person's name at the top of the page.

  3. From the menu, click the "Change Employee Status" link.

  4. Change the status from "Active" to either "Terminated" or "Termination Scheduled", depending on whether the termination date is in the future or not.

  5. Enter the termination date (the person's last day of employment, which can be a future date).

  6. Choose the termination reason (voluntary or involuntary).

  7. Save your changes.

If you set the person's status to Termination Scheduled, the system will automatically change their status to Terminated at the end of the day on the provided termination date.

Once person's status is changed to Terminated, the following changes take place immediately:

  1. The person can no longer login to your company account. If the person is currently logged in, the system will immediately kick them out.

  2. The person will be removed from their position on the Org Chart, but the open position will remain in place.

  3. The person will no longer be shown in the Directory, nor in any reports or statistics on the dashboard (other than in the turnover statistics).

If you need to access someone you have terminated, this article explains how to do that.

This article explains how to restore/reinstate a person who has been terminated.

If you want to permanently delete a person's record, follow the instructions in this article instead.

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