Once you've added additional people to your company account, you can invite them to create their own login so that they can manage their profile information, fill out documents, request time off, view current PTO balances, and view PTO transaction history. This self-service capability is what really makes Built for Teams shine.

It's important to note that each person you invite needs to use the unique URL that is generated by the system for them. The unique invite link is only valid once, and only for the person for whom it was intended.

There are several ways you can invite a person to join your company account:

Invite as You Add People via the Directory

As you add a person to your company from the Directory, you have the option of sending an invite email. To do this, simply check the box labeled "Invite this person to login". The form will then expand to include an editable message box and an optional URL link that you can copy and paste into your own email message if you’d rather send the invitation from your own account.

Invite After You've Added Someone

If you don't send the invitation at the time you add a person, you can always choose to do this at a later time. When you're ready to send the invitation, go to the person's Profile page, select the gray arrow next to their name, and select the "Send Invitation" tab from the dropdown menu.

Invite Multiple People at Once

If you've added multiple people to your organization and want to invite them all at once, go to the Directory and click on the "Send Message" button. In the drop-down, choose "Employees not signed up". Type a custom subject and message, and then click the Send button. Note that a unique invite link will be included in each message sent, even though you don't see that link displayed in the form.

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