Some email security applications will scan the contents of all inbound emails as they search for vulnerabilities or malicious content. During the scanning process, some applications will "click" every link within an email to assess the security of each link. This process can lead to a situation in which PTO request emails appear to have the approve or deny buttons auto-clicked before the approver ever sees the PTO request email.

If this is happening to your organization, there are two ways you can resolve this issue.

First, you can ask your IT department to "whitelist" or "trust" all emails coming from the domain. This will allow our emails to pass through the email scanning application without having the links clicked.

Second, if your IT department is unable or unwilling to whitelist our emails you can change a setting in Built for Teams that will require approvers to confirm their approval or denial. Although this adds an extra step to the approval process, it does prevent the email security application from inadvertently approving or denying PTO requests during the scanning process. Note that this extra confirmation steps only applies to approvals/denials from within an email. A confirmation clicks won't be required when approving or denying a request within the Built for Teams web or mobile applications.

To require confirmation of approvals or denials within emails, follow these steps:

  1. As an administrator, go to Settings > Paid Time Off.

  2. Click the "Edit Settings" button.

  3. Change the "Require Confirmation of Email Approvals/Denials" setting to "Yes".

  4. Save your changes.

With this setting enabled, approvers will now be required to confirm, via a second click, their approval or denial of a PTO request.

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