If you allow unused time off to carry over from year to year, those carried hours are simply added to the appropriate account on the reset date. But what if you want to force those carry over hours to be used by a certain date?

Built for Teams can support this scenario, if you follow these steps:

  1. Create a new PTO policy called something like "Carry Over". Set the reset date to the date you want to expire all unused carry over hours. Also set this new policy to accrue 0 hours per year.

  2. In your source PTO account (this is the account that has the time off that can be carried over at year-end), set the policy to allow carry over of unused time. Set the amount of allowed carry over, and then from the drop down choose the new "Carry Over" policy that you created in step 1.

A quick example will help illustrate how this will work:

Maria has 60 hours in her vacation account at the end of the year. Her company's vacation policy allows up to 40 hours to carry over at year-end. On Jan 1 the vacation policy will transfer 40 hours from Maria's vacation account into Maria's carry over account, and the remaining 20 hours will be discarded.

Assuming the company's carry over policy has a reset day of April 1, Maria will have until March 31 to use the carry over hours before they expire and are discarded.

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