To track time off for an FMLA policy, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Paid Time Off.

  2. Click "Add PTO Policy" button.

  3. Give the policy a name, such as "FMLA".

  4. Select the option to make the policy "Accrued and Limited".

  5. Depending on your needs, set the policy to reset on January 1 or on the employee's anniversary date.

  6. Set the amount earned per year to be 0 hours; this is because FMLA hours are not automatically earned.

  7. Review and configure the remaining settings regarding approvals, etc. The default options should suffice for an FMLA policy.

  8. Save your changes.

With the FMLA policy now configured, click on the arrow next to the policy name and click the "Assign Policy" link. Remove the policy from all employees except for those you need to track FMLA time for right now. You can then add this policy to other employees on a case by case basis as needed.

For any employees who will use the FMLA policy, you must manually add hours to their accounts as needed. The employees can then spend those hours. When the employee no longer needs FMLA hours, you can hide the policy from the employee if you'd like. Hiding the policy allows you to keep the history but no longer display the policy to the employee.

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