It’s important to understand that once an approved request date is passed, the request is processed as a transaction. This article provides instructions for modifying or canceling a request before it has been processed as a transaction. After the request date has passed, only an administrator can delete the transaction, which is explained at the end of this article.

Modifying or Canceling a Request

Depending on account settings, an employee can modify or cancel a request anytime before the request is processed as a transaction. If the request has been approved but the date of the request has not passed, any changes to the request will trigger a new approval process. If a request is canceled, a notification will be sent to the approver so that they are aware of the cancellation. 

If you do wish to modify or cancel a request, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Paid Time Off tab in the employee’s profile.

  2. Under the Current Requests section, click on the request that needs to be modified or canceled.

  3. In the new window, select Modify to make changes, or Cancel to initiate the cancellation process.

  4. The system will guide you through the steps to verify the cancellation or make necessary modifications such as adjusting dates or times of the request. 

If you are an admin, it's possible to configure your account so that employees cannot cancel requests once the request is approved. This configuration requires an administrator, or the assigned approver, to cancel the approved request. To configure your account in this way, go to Settings, clicking on the Paid Time Off tab and selecting the Edit Settings button.

Correcting or Deleting a Transaction

If the request has already been processed as a transaction and the hours have been removed from the account, it is no longer possible to modify or cancel the request as instructed previously in this article. 

In the event that the request was a mistake and has already been processed, the proper way to correct the mistake is for an administrator to create a balance modification entry to offset the mistake.

As an example, if Susan has a PTO transaction for 8 hours that should have only been for 6 hours, an administrator can click the Modify Balance button on Susan's PTO account and add 2 hours to correct the mistake. The administrator can also provide a note with the entry so that all parties can see why the additional 2 hours were added.

If you'd like to delete a transaction instead of creating a balance modification entry, please follow the instructions in this article.

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