To submit a PTO request, simply go to the Profile page > Paid Time Off tab, and click the Request Time Off button within the appropriate PTO policy to open the request form. Time off requests can also be submitted from the Calendar page by selecting the desired days and completing the request from.

Here’s a brief description of the fields available:
(See the bottom of this article for a video demonstration)

  1. Short Description: This field is optional but can be helpful for identifying PTO requests once they become part of the transaction history. Example values an employee might enter here are “Family Vacation”, “Day Off”, etc.

  2. Start: This field is for the first day of the time off request and will default to the start time of this employee’s schedule. The article Setting Work Schedules will show you how to create schedules and assign them to your employees. Your account’s default schedule is M-F, 8-5.

  3. End: This field is for the last day of the time off request and will default to the end time of this employee’s daily schedule. A partial day request merely requires an adjustment of the start or end time. Built for Teams is equipped to handle requests down to a single minute but It is possible to limit employee requests to half-day or 30 minute increments. Step #2 of this article explains how you’d set that up.

  4. Note: An optional note may be submitted along with the request.

The request form also shows a calculation for how many hours the current start/end date will require, as well as how many hours will be available as of the first day of the requested time off. This helps employees make sure they’ll have enough hours to cover the requested time off.

Additional Resources:
Watch a video demonstration of how an employee submits a time off request.

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