As a manager or administrator, you can view and approve PTO requests in the following ways:
(See the bottom of this article for a video demonstration)

1. Email: When a request is submitted, an email notification will be sent to the requestor’s manager or to an administrator depending on how you configured your PTO settings. A button to approve or deny the request can be found at the bottom of the email.

2. Your Profile Page: As a manager or administrator, all pending PTO requests will be shown on your own profile for convenience.

3.The Employee’s Profile Page: You can navigate to a specific person’s profile to respond to their PTO request. The request will be listed in the Current Requests section of their Paid Time Off page.

Clicking on a pending request will open the PTO review window. From this window you can modify a request, permanently delete it, submit a comment, and approve or deny the request. Note that this window will show any overlapping requests that have been submitted by other employees during this same time span. This is very helpful for resource planning and making sure key people aren’t on vacation at the same time.

Also note that an employee can modify or delete their PTO request from their profile prior to it being approved. Once it’s been approved they can’t delete the request but can modify it and submit the modification for approval. For more information see this article.

If you want to notify other employees about an approved request, simply check the box to “Add people to notify”, and then click the Approve Request button. You’ll then see a screen that lets you choose who to notify as well as the option to enter a custom message if desired. Each person you add to the list will then receive an email notification announcing the approved PTO request.

Additional Resources:
Watch a video demonstration of how managers or administrators approve time off requests.

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