From a person’s profile page, click on the Paid Time Off tab. In this tab you’ll see the different PTO policies (ie. vacation, sick, etc) assigned to this person, any current requests, and all past transactions.

For each PTO account in their profile, you’ll see the person’s current account balance. The current balance can be viewed as hours or days and doesn’t reflect any pending requests that are for dates in the future. It’s the balance as of this moment, today.

As an administrator you have the ability to manage a person’s PTO accounts. On the top right-hand side of each PTO policy there is a gray arrow that, when selected, gives the administrator three options for that policy. Note that these options are only accessible to administrators.

Here’s a brief description of the purpose of each option:

1. Modify Balance: This link gives you the ability to add or subtract hours from the PTO account, as well as enter a description explaining why you’re doing so. If you don’t set all balances for employees at once, as explained in the article Initializing or Updating PTO Balances, you’ll need to set an initial balance for each person using this setting. This setting is also helpful for making balance adjustments or for giving an employee additional time off, like comp time.

2. Edit Accrual Rate: When you configured a PTO policy, as explained in the Create or Edit a PTO Policy article, you provided a default annual accrual amount (80 hours for example). Each new person is automatically configured to receive that default annual amount. If the annual amount increases the longer someone has been with your company, you can define additional automatic tiers by clicking the years-of-service tiers link. Note that you can also override these default amounts on a person-by-person basis.

3. Remove Policy: If an employee shouldn’t have access to a particular PTO account, you can select this option and remove it from their profile. Note that this will permanently remove any transaction history for this person as it relates to the deleted PTO account. Also note that when you add a new PTO policy, it’s automatically assigned to every employee’s profile. You can determine which employees to apply a policy to by following these instructions.

Once you’ve set the initial balance for a person, you'll see an additional button below the Request Time Off button that reads Balance Details. Both of these buttons are available to the employee when they login to their account. Here’s a brief description of purpose of those two buttons:

  1. Request Time Off: This is the button the employee will use to request time off. As an administrator you’ll also have access to this button, allowing you to submit a PTO request on behalf of an employee. This article explains how an employee submits time off requests using this form.

  2. Balance Details This button gives the employee and administrator a more detailed breakdown of the PTO account calculations.

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