Holidays and PTO

To set up Company Holidays for your account, go Settings > Company Holidays.

Company Holidays: The dark gray dates in the calendar are suggested holidays for companies in the Unites States and are not officially a company holiday in the system until you select the date, complete the form that appears, and select Add Holiday to save. The date will then appear blue indicating that it’s a company holiday.

Once you've set up your company holidays, all PTO calculations will take these days into account. Here's an example to explain how holidays affect PTO requests.

Let's say John requests a vacation from Monday through Friday, with the following dates:

12/30 Monday
12/31 Tuesday
01/01 Wednesday
01/02 Thursday
01/03 Friday

If your company has January 1 set as a company holiday (New Year's Day in the U.S.), John's PTO request will be calculated as follows:

12/30 Monday: 8 hours
12/31 Tuesday: 8 hours
01/01 Wednesday: 0 hours
01/02 Thursday: 8 hours
01/03 Friday: 8 hours

In this example the total number of hours John will request for this vacation is 32 hours.

Blackout Days: You can also indicate in the system any days that you’d like to “blackout” meaning, employees are not allowed to request time off on those days. For example, if your company hosts a huge event on a particular day and you need all hands on deck, you can make that a blackout day which tells the system not to accept PTO requests on, or through, that day.

To create a blackout day simply select the day, indicate that it’s a blackout day under Type of Day, apply it to a specific office/location if you have multiple locations, and indicate which PTO policies it applies to. You can then select the date range and click Add Blackout Day to save.

NOTE: At this time, Built for Teams does not support the creation of half-day Company Holidays and/or Blackout Days.